Glasgow residency – Eleni

Working with the same group of students for the five days, was useful as it felt we created a relationship with the participants.
1st day observing and listening to each student’s abilities and from the 2nd day onwards I felt we could suggest both verbally and physically more ideas and vocabulary to play with. Trust was important.
From the 2nd day onwards, the participants knew what they were expecting to find in their playground. How the rig, harnesses and we look like, sound like, feel like. They were prepared, so by the last day, it was much easier to let go on practical things (how to put harness, clip on….) and enjoy being on the ropes.
Would have been nice to spend one more session with the same group after they saw our show. What are their thoughts? Would they move differently on the ropes? Would they try things they saw?
I felt I had special connections with certain students and with some others not so more.

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