[Inbetween time!] Rest & reflection – Jess

I’m back in Aberystwyth for a while and while there’s lots of other work to be getting on with, it’s good to have time for rest and reflection on the work we’ve made together for Buzzz… Yesterday I spent time watching the rehearsal video of Kingfisher that Rachel sent us and realising how much more there is to do to bring my own performance up to scratch! It feels like there is still quite a lot to do to get a better sense of the choreography and technical transitions before we (or I!) can layer our/my understanding of the narrative onto that. Lovely Bugs feels more ‘there’, and it certainly felt like we had lots of energy when we performed it (speedily!) for the invited audience during our final devising/rehearsal week, but still lots of precision needed to bring it to full buzzing life. Meanwhile, I think we’re all being busy bees with our other lives and projects. I’m trying to keep fit and flexible for when we meet again at the start of July, running and walking up and down hills with my dog, and doing plenty of ground-and-aerial yoga at home, taking a combination of the excellent Vayu work that Rachel has been teaching us with other improvised bits and pieces that ‘feel’ right and reviving my old vinyasa practice. Looking forward to flying again soon! Meanwhile, some photos from last month – morning music, de-rigging (Chez the rigger!) – and this month by the sea and in the hammock…


Buzzzzzing! Week 3 Friday- Chez

With Lovely Bugs performed to an invited audience Wednesday, so many discoveries and learning the flow, how the story reads to audience and areas still to work on. Yesterday returning to Kingfisher felt great and like the material was stored somewhere in the body, again feeling like repetition of the show will help my brain absorb the material, then able to perform the story. Bring on invited audience this morning to share our work in progress! image

Sharing day – Rachel

Yesterday afternoon Lovely Bugs was shown to a group pf critical friends aged six years+ including WCC Head of Arts, ED trustees, primary school teacher, peers and family.

What meaning do you take from the piece? “That nature is part of our lives and exists in peace, love and sometimes conflict”, “a comment on nature. our created habitats, meetings, friendships and parting”

The dancers did a superb job in a well performed and speedy show. Interesting how we speed up with an audience. Now time to reflect on the feedback and get back to the Kingfisher and the Damselflies.


image by Em Freeman