Week 3 of rehearsals – Chez

What a full on day! I have so much respect for spiders spinning their webs and swinging from bush to fence post!


Just a regular coffee break

My incy wincy spider arms are most tired! Delving into story and tightening our choreography means only one thing, we are gearing up to share the show! Excited, terrified and curious. Lush sunset tonight as I practice my Accordion. Some pictures from coffee break last week, casual back bending and some from today, to include our new neighbours and friends who guard the rig after rehearsal.


Tuesday – Rachel

Today the Lovely Bugs show feels complete, not polished as much as it needs to be but the material is there to work on. Tomorrow we have a small group of critical friends coming for a show and tell session so I’m working out how to get useful feedback, think I’ll revisit Liz Lerman’ critical response process.

Gathering props together this evening – tin of baked beans, a cucumber, an apple, garden pressure sprayer etc.

Eleni week 3

Lovely bugs!!! We are getting there!! Chez is making new spider material on the web. Jess has a new fabulous knee support. Rachel did some costume shopping in the weekend. 2 more days!!!!

Wednesday – Rachel

A mid week set change. It took ages to take down all the kingfisher kit and mark up the rig so that I know where to put it back next week. The monster web gives me sleepless nights until it’s tried and tested, tomorrow is the day!

Revisitng Lovely Bugs is like catching up with a friend after a long uncommunicative absence; after five minutes it feels like you’ve never been apart. Jess and Eleni provide a great mind and body memory bank and Chez is finding her place, aware of her overload point.

Day 6 – Jess

A super-busy Monday but bodies are holding up and feeling strong. Lots of devising material today – the last of the ‘sections’ – now we ‘just’ (!) have to work on honing and layering  it and finding transitional material too…

I spent lots of time at the top of the rig, trying to work through the (slightly) irrational scariness of walking/dancing round the top of the circle – which will be part of section where Kingfisher is ‘chasing’ us tasty damselflies and we have to ‘run’ away – while Eleni and Chez developed their duet on the pick up bar and Rachel continued to make the spider’s web ready for Lovely Bugs devising on Weds. Busy bees…

Monday – Rachel

Where did last week go? On reflection I realise that we have a whole bank of movement material that must have emerged from somewhere.

Today we ran though the whole piece and discovered there are still a few bits missing, so more to create and a lot to rehearse, layer and polish in the Kingfisher and the Damselflies.

2016-05-18 09.06.33

Comparing achey bits!

Jess, Eleni and Chez are doing a fantastic job devising new material and getting to grips with the technicalities of equipment that have to woven into the choreography.

Meanwhile Lovely Bugs  waits in the wings eager to get on stage… The web is half woven and my fingers are sore from tieing knots. I’m trying a new method of making the web this year, free of metal staples but yet to be tested out. I enjoy the challenge of solving problems – how do we make it snow confetti, strike the silk and fly a host of damselflies at the end of the show?

Eleni Day 5

Oooooops!!!  Where is Eleni??????

Day 5, bodies are tired and 2bad knees but determined to repeat material and start feeling the structure. We managed to go through the whole beginning section till the twisty sides. Weekend to relax and recharge batteries!!!